How it works


1 Sell your 2nd hand items and donate between 1-100% of the sale price to your favourite cause. You choose the % and you choose the cause...

2 Or just go shopping! When you buy from a Charitizer retailer a % will go to YOUR SELECTED CAUSE. It doesn't cost any more to shop and you can use the power of your purchase to make a difference.

It's really measurable and transparent on Charitizer so you can see how much you've 'Charitized' and monitor achievements.


It's simple:

1) Select the charity or cause that you want to support

2) Choose how much of the sale price to donate

3) List your item

When the item sells you can either post it or the buyer collects. You get your % of the sale price. The cause gets theirs. And everybody feels great. It's all in the Charitizer wallet.


When you purchase from an individual on Charitizer you'll help out THEIR selected cause. You can still see the difference you've made on your 'Charitized' amount and achievements. You can also purchase direct from the charities own stores. Things like donated goods and supporter merchandise.

When you purchase from retailers a % of the price will go to YOUR cause. You can see how much they've agreed to donate on the product page. On Charitizer you can use the power of your purchase for what you believe in!


Retailers need to create a retailer account. This gives more options when listing and let's your supporters list the beneficiary. You select the % of the sale price you'd like to donate and create SKU's and shipping options. We'll create some passionate new followers for you who love that you are making a difference.


Do you have a great community based initiative that needs funds, have a friend in need, want to raise money for an emergency... or anything else? You don't have to be a charity to create a Charitizer cause! Simply select the 'Cause' button on the home page and visit the 'Create Cause' section.

Everything is really transparent on Charitizer. You can see how much you've raised and who you support, share achievements with your friends and see what the funds are being used for with updates from the causes. Plus you'll go up in rankings when you Charitize more!

What do you stand for? The environment? Animals? Human rights? Get Charitizing and be the change you want to see... it starts here.