Blue Mountains Adventure (6-8 adventurer)
$ 499.00
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Sydney NSW, Australia
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Join us on a trip to the Blue Mountains for an overnight hike. Learn about the Aussie bush and mountains. We’ll pick you up, take you to the Mountains, supply dinner and breakfast and also hit up some local hot spots. Join us on an unforgettable adventure.

Perfect for…
If you’re a Backpacker visiting Australia and want to go and visit the Blue mountains. Actually go for an adventure in them!
Are you a student living in Sydney who hasn’t explored their own backyard…
Or working in Sydney and you only have a weekend to escape.
Unforgettable Weekend Adventure
We’ll pick you up early Saturday & you’ll be back after lunch on Sunday. You’ll see the ins and outs of the Blue Mountains and learn a whole bunch about them and the Aussie bush.

Scenic World
Have a glorious view of the mountains before we begin the hike. Check out Katoomba Falls, orphan rock and catch a glimpse of the trail you’re about to explore.

Ruined Castle
We’ll make it here by lunch time. Stop for an amazing view of the Blue Mountains National Park by standing right in the center of it… and having a snack.

3 SIsters
You’ll see the famous 3 sisters up close and personal. See how they were formed and the beautiful scenery around them.

Mt. Solitary
Camp in the middle of the mountains surrounded by nature. With an amazing view of the stars by a roaring camp fire this will be a night to remember.

Mountain high pies!
As a bonus for a sunday lunch we’ll stop by one of the best pie shops in Sydney! You won’t be dissapointed.


Overnight camp
Stay in the middle of The Blue Mountains off the beaten track . Setup by a campfire and sitting under the stars.

Pick a date
Pick any date that suites you! Usually done on the weekends, we can even accommodate the busiest of schedules. Flexible with departure and return times – we can organise the trip around you.

Learn about Australia
Learn all about the Blue Mountains and the Australian bush. You’ll also learn all about camping tips that will help you with any camping trip. Bonus; If you bring your Hammbag we’ll show you how to use it and a whole bunch of tricks with it!

2 meals
A camp dinner and breakfast will be provided for you. We’ll show you some great camping meals that are easy for any trip.

Hike through the bush
Do a 16km+ hike through the Blue mountains, see them up close and personal!

Awesome guides
All guided by two absolute Legends who’ve traveled across the world. We’re really friendly and flexible with any idea you wish to share.

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Blue Mountains Adventure (6-8 adventurer)
$ 499.00
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Sydney NSW, Australia
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